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The lymphatic drainage massage is a type of detox massage that eliminates toxins from the body and help you amp up your immunity.

This luxurious massage technique specifically targets the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system consists of a network of vessels and organs under the skin that plays a major role in eliminating toxins from the body.

Any part of the body that has excess fluid can be targeted with this massage technique which helps to eliminate this fluid along with all the toxins.

Let’s take a deeper look at all the benefits of a lymphatic drainage massage.

Depuffing and Debloating

One of the main reasons why all the A-listers are always raving about this massage is because it helps to depuff and debloat. This massage technique was specifically designed to target areas where excess fluid can accumulate and cause bloating.

The massage helps to remove this excess fluid and leaves you feeling lighter and rejuvenated. Apart from reducing swelling, this massage also helps to eliminate toxins from the body.

Helps with Lymphedema

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Lymphedema or lymphatic dysfunction is when the lymphatic system isn’t properly functioning and the body tissues get swollen with fluids and toxins. This can lead to swelling in the arms and the legs, and can also affect other body parts. Symptoms can include pain, tissue swelling, skin discoloration, heaviness in the legs, recurring infections, and weakness.

Lymphatic drainage massage is an effective and holistic method to alleviate this condition and remove this fluid from the tissues. This massage can help to relieve the pain and swelling from lymphedema and moves the lymphatic fluid towards the lymph nodes.

Mitigates Post-Injury Swelling

Lymphatic drainage massage also helps with post-injury swelling. After an injury, it’s not uncommon for the body to have trouble properly circulating fluids. This can cause extra pain, swelling, and puffiness.

Excess puffiness, swelling, and pain can be easily alleviated with a lymphatic drainage massage. Many massage therapists also use this technique for individuals who have just had breast cancer surgery, lymph node removal, limited mobility, and edema.

Here are some health conditions that can be improved with lymphatic drainage massage.

  • Cellulite
  • Acne
  • Hair loss
  • Fractures
  • Torn muscles
  • Tendonitis
  • Orthopedic surgeries
  • Keloids
  • Joint replacements
  • C-sections
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Leg ulcers
  • Pain management
  • Burns

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