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Ever since the pandemic, many beauty experts have been gravitating towards more holistic skin healing approaches, like jade rolling, gua shas, homemade sheet masks, etc. This is because natural skin healing methods are so much healthier and better for your entire body. Prolonged use of chemicals on the skin can lead to premature aging and weaken the skin.

If you are looking for effective and natural skin rejuvenation methods, you need to try facial acupuncture.

Nobody likes the idea of getting poked in the face with a bunch of needles, but trust us when we say this, this is the perfect treatment for tighter and plumper skin.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of facial acupuncture.

What is the Science Behind Facial Acupuncture?

Acupuncture specialists believe that facial acupuncture helps to address not just the signs of aging but also boosts the skin’s overall health. This is because facial acupuncture restores balance, optimizes health, and helps to achieve younger, smoother, and healthier skin.

But how does it work?

As the needles puncture the skin, a wound is created, which is called positive microtrauma. Once the body detects this wound, it activates repair mode, naturally stimulating the circulatory and lymphatic systems. These systems work together to instantly deliver oxygen and nutrients to the skin to heal and revive it. This is an effective way to enhance your skin’s complexion, boost skin health, and achieve a glow from the inside.

The Benefits of Facial Acupuncture

Here are the benefits of getting facial acupuncture therapy.

Improved Collagen Production

a woman with healthy skin.Facial acupuncture promotes collagen production, which in turn reduces fine lines and wrinkles and increases blood circulation to the face.

Reduced Inflammation

This healing technique also boosts blood circulation, stimulating the immune system to reduce inflammation. The needles help to release certain trigger points in various facial muscles, which also helps to minimize jaw tension.

Reduced Acne

Several anecdotal reports suggest that facial acupuncture improves acne. This happens because this treatment encourages lymphatic drainage which eliminates toxins from the body that could be causing breakouts.

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